Julien Marchal and The Alchemy of Keys in “Insight LIII”

Photo by David Bross

Julien Marchal is a musical alchemist. The 38-year-old French pianist has developed a unique ability to turn every note into deep emotions and compositions into touching experiences. He has recently released a beautiful song called “Insight LIII”, which proves his commitment to pushing the boundaries of classical music. Every pulsating key is a step that transports listeners to an unknown and stimulating universe.

The piano has always been a refuge for Julien during challenging times, especially in his teenage years. During this time, he discovered the power of music, which led him to leave school and delve into the sonic possibilities of his first synthesizer. His formal training in musicology at Bordeaux University and his time at the Bordeaux Conservatory have only enriched his approach, blending classical, jazz, and contemporary music into his signature sound.


Fresh off the success of his collaborative album “Eclipses” alongside Lissom, makes a stunning comeback that highlights his significant influence in the genre and his ability to resonate with audiences globally. After the success of “Eclipses,” which has garnered over 3 million monthly listeners, Julien now re-embarks on his solo journey with the mesmerizing track “Insight LIII.” The release relaunches his acclaimed “INSIGHT” series, known for its intimate and reflective compositions. 

It is not fair to say that the song is just a continuation of a journey, it is more a reinvention of Julien’s musical narrative. The single serves as a bridge between the past and the future, encapsulating the essence of his artistic evolution. With this latest addition, the “INSIGHT” series breathes new life and continues to captivate audiences with its depth and emotion.

“Insight LIII” promises to be a captivating experience, mixing the delicate threads of piano melodies with the rich tapestry of human emotion. As Julien steps into the spotlight alone, his music continues to echo the depth of his creative vision, inviting listeners to take part in a journey that is as unique as every individual, but universal at the same time.

Julien Marchal’s success stems from his ability to transform adversity into creative fuel and his ability to forge collaborations that elevate his music. In 2014, following a burglary at his home, Julien found himself motivated to create his first EP and subsequent albums “INSIGHT” and “INSIGHT II.” 

One of Marchal’s most notable collaborations was with German producer Robot Koch. Through this partnership, he managed to have his tracks featured in popular American TV series such as “How to Get Away With Murder” and “Ray Donovan” to name a few. Additionally, the formation of the music duo Lissom alongside Ed Tulett proved to be another milestone in Julien’s career. Their work was even recognized by being featured on HBO’s hit series “True Detective.” 

It is undeniable that Julien Marchal’s journey has been filled with both challenges and triumphs that have ultimately shaped him into an exceptional musician able to transcend boundaries through both personal resilience and collaborative excellence.

Shortly, Julien Marchal is making plans for a trip across Europe and North America scheduled for 2025. His journey is one of continuous exploration and innovation, and with each new project, he invites us to join him in a world where music is not just heard but felt.