KEEN F/W22 Ukraine – Shanti

KEEN launched the Shanti in the colours of the Ukraine flag as a statement of support with 100% of the proceeds going to the Everyday Refugees Foundation.

A few days after the invasion KEEN committed €150,000 in cash and products to support Ukrainian refugees. A promise was made to dedicate continued support and ways of working together through these challenging times. Therefore, KEEN proudly introduces the limited-edition Ukraine Shanti slides.

The Need

Over 1.5 million Ukrainian refugees have passed through Romania since the Russian invasion of Ukraine started in February 2022. Nearly 2/3 of the 86,000 Ukrainian refugees “stuck” in Romanian shelters are children. The humanitarian crisis is no longer making headlines, but the need is still great — especially as 7+ months of humanitarian aid is running out.

The Campaign

The campaign was shot on the 6th of October, the same day Russia deployed additional troops to the frontline. A team comprised entirely of Ukrainian talent was assembled to create striking and thoughtful imagery. The team included stylist/model Diana Onatska, model Dmytro Avdieiev, make up & hair artist Sasha Vetrova and photographer Ksenia Kargina who spoke of her inspiration for the shoot, “The concept for me is the feeling of freedom and natural strength, which you can feel inside. It’s like an ocean – one of the most powerful things, unstoppable, so natural. So we had the idea to shoot near the ocean – it’s a little metaphorical for us, sure. Even in this terrible situation having this inward freedom of spirit, free will, is something that can make you feel really human. And for sure for me love – something that can really empower you in any kind of situation, it’s also an energy of life. So in the shoot, we can see models expressing their emotions in movements full of energy, full of freedom in their bodies, and not afraid to be themselves. So the idea is about free people with free will, never scared of what they are, and full of love and energy to live this life. So for me, it’s truly about Ukrainians”

The Ukraine Shanti from KEEN is available to buy at