KNOT by Camilla Eleonora Di Argento

Camilla Di Argento is a London based visual artist specialising in photography and art direction. Now she’s focusing on the fashion side of photography making sure that her work is inclusive. 
The idea of this editorial came up after the London Queer Fashion Show where the photographer saw the model, Vittorio, catwalking during the show.
 They decided to challenge the gender stereotypes and give visibility to queer and gender non-conforming people within the fashion industry.

Photography by Camilla Eleonora Di Argento
Instagram: @camilladiargento
Model is Vittorio Franco
Instagram: @vittoriofranco_kweer
Make up by Vittorio Franco
Instagram: @vittoriofranco_kweer
Stylist is Melissa Schwarz
Instagram: @msschwarz

Brand is Ada Zanditon Couture