Kollektion 02 by Haffmans & Neumeister + Marcus Paul

Introducing Haffmans & Neumeister. A Berlin-based eyewear brand with a dedicated focus on minimalism and timelessness, Haffmans & Neumeister is invested in the informed marriage of conceptual design, meticulous workmanship, and unparalleled materials. Creating frames that are both ambitious and accessible, each collection launches with styles that are marked by an ageless and quietly powerful aesthetic.

www.haffmansneumeister.com / www.instagram.com/haffmansneumeister

Haffmans & Neumeister manufactures all of its eyewear in-house using progressive technologies and sustainable, custom-developed practices. Hand-finished with impeccable precision and care, each frame is crafted from adjustable ultra-thin stainless steel and lustrous acetate, ensuring a consistent and perfect fit.

After the great success of the first collaboration with the American star stylist and interior designer Marcus Paul, Haffmans & Neumeister is now launching another collaboration: “The first time we laid the foundation,” says Paul. “Now we have come together to create the shapes that move us, that make us feel something – there is a common intuition, an attraction.”

The Haffmans & Neumeister + Marcus Paul collaboration has taken a bold and innovative approach to creating an exceptional range of eyewear for the discerning wearer. Capturing the spirit and aesthetic vision of two distinct voices in fashion and design, the collection is characterized by a dynamic fusion of chunky acetate and ultra-fine stainless steel.

Made in Germany, each frame is delivering on the full promise of quality craftsmanship.

Stylist and interior designer Marcus Paul grew up in New York City, where his design vocabulary evolved with a changing skyline.

A lifelong passion for architecture eventually translated to a career in interior design— in his words, “one doesn’t work without the other”—but fashion was always close to his heart. For Marcus, constructing a great look is as much about shape and structure as creating a beautiful living space.

His talent for combining vintage and new, luxury and streetwear has made Marcus a unique creative force in the fashion industry.

www.marcuspaul.com / www.instagram.com/marcuspaulstyle