Kraków Loves Adana – Dream House

Two of our favorite artists got together and magic was born. Swedish illustrator and animator Johannes Helgelin and Kraków Loves Adana! A vivid memory of a dream within a dream, that for each second just fades more and more, only leaving an unsettling feeling that you just bore witness to something horribly different. Something the mind can’t understand, movements from a dimension far beyond your own.

Heavily inspired by 70’s Japanese horror films and Lynchian bedtime stories, we bring you the music video for Dream House.

Dream House

“When the German dark-wave act “Kraków Loves Adana” reached out in spring of 2021, asking for the possibility of an animated music video, they barely had time to push “send email” before we replied with a big “YES, YES OF COURSE!!”

The story and its nightmarish themes wrote themselves once we sat down to listen to the single.
The fragmentary dream-like lyrics on a backdrop of sharp synth-waves brought to mind the feeling of waking up in panic, with ice cold sweat running down your back. How you reach over and try your best to explain to the person next to you where and what you just experienced.

Faces and environments that just moments ago were crystal clear suddenly melts together and the narrative becomes hard to follow.” *Johannes Helgelin  / / @studio_hannesjohannes