Kyiv-based womenswear brand Katimo introduces Spring/Summer 2022 Collection

Katimo was founded in 2015 by Katya Timoshenko. Without any experience and financial investment but with the desire to create, she managed to build the brand that became a love mark to many women in Ukraine. The key to a brand`s success is creating clothing that inspires women to feel unique, feminine and comfortable in their own skin — happy or sad, strong or weak, shy or confident.

“With the beginning of the war, life suddenly came to a halt. Still, the courage and resilience of the Ukrainian people gave us the strength to resume operations and continue to work for a happy future for Ukraine. To work in wartime conditions – to the sound of sirens and under the threat of missile attacks. However, despite everything, we finally present our new collection, which has become a symbol of purity, inviolability of spirit, and future victory.”

“I am convinced that fashion is the voice of time and this collection is my way of telling the world about Ukraine, and how strong and free our country is. Trouble knocked at our door, but we found strength in weakness, our fear became courage, and despair became unity. Our mission is important and life-affirming — we want women who wear Katimo to keep love and hope in their hearts. We now have to give them this sense of faith in a bright future. That’s why today at Katimo, no matter what, we continue to do what we do best – create beautiful clothes.” — Katya Tymoshenko, founder of Katimo.

According to Katya Tymoshenko’s idea, this collection is a kind of manifesto of hedonism, an appeal to a happy and free life. Her main message is that you should celebrate life every day and save nothing for a special occasion. Do not wait for an exceptional occasion to wear your favourite dress, because every single day is already a reason for happiness. And although this idea was formed long before the war, it has now become even more meaningful.

Each Katimo collection praises the image of a woman and emphasizes her features. The new collection is no exception. This time the main source of inspiration and metaphorical heroine is Ukraine itself. Strong, bold, rebellious, and fantastically beautiful.

This beauty is conveyed by a colour palette s that symbolizes a blooming Ukraine. Cornflower blue, yellow, deep green, pink, and orange — these shades can be found in the spring Ukrainian gardens. In these colours, the collection features weightless dresses, shirts, and relaxed pants. It also includes elongated jackets, mini and midi skirts, as well as some of the brand`s carryover pieces — a trench coat and clothes with handknitted trimming.

“An important part of this collection is the symbolism of accessories. Some of them are made in the form of snowdrop flowers, representing hope and victory of good over evil. Some products are decorated with pins embellished with natural stones — so-called “safety pins”. We believe that this accessory is a lucky piece against evil spirits.”

The new collection is already available on Part of the income will be donated to the Come Back Alive fund.