KYLA & TAYLOR: A love story! By Amie B. Rodriguez & Marq Rodriguez

A KALTBLUT exclusive by Amie B. Rodriguez & Marq Rodriguez. A London based creative fashion duo comprised of both award-winning Fashion Stylist Amie B. Rodriguez and Fashion Filmmaker Marq Rodriguez. Together the duo has created works that transcend fashion trends through editorials and fashion films. Concentrated on crafting and curating concepts through a mix of lifestyle and abstract angles, every project contains a thought-provoking depth so deep but light, any person can relate. 

All Clothing sourced from mainly Salvation Army Thrift Store & other thrift stores.

A countryside love story of two men who live in a barn. When thinking of a traditional love story, many years ago it would have been classically represented through a man and a woman. Dating back to the early 1900s, gay men and women were segregated from society to show their love publicly. In our fashion editorial, we are re-imagining the stories of Kyle and Taylor, two men, who without restriction, fell in love and lived the life they wanted. We present to you, KYLE & TAYLOR: a love story. 

Creative Direction and Styling by Amie B. Rodriguez / / Instagram: @amie_bonnie
Photography and Fashion Film by Marq Rodriguez / / Instagram: @i.marqr
Models are Taylor Ebbin (not signed) / Instagram: @taylormardel_
Kyle Croke (not signed) / Instagram: @kyle_croke
Make-up and Hair by James R. Lee / Instagram: @xoetiqu