La Aurora

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Cristóbal Fernández. Model is Tomás Abalo. Hair and makeup by Cote Arriagada. Styled by Paloma Avendaño. Fashion Brands used are Singular Clothing and Jalisco, just to name a few.

“La Aurora is an editorial shoot that I did for my school @fotodesignchile where I wanted to tell the story about a young man’s relationship with his own sexuality. From hiding it in the late nights and early mornings to being forced by the dawn’s sun rays to embrace and accept it.
La Aurora has been used throughout history by artists and poets as a metaphor for death and rebirth, as the light that cleans, the light that blurs you, the light that drags you, the light that takes you to infinity. In this story, it is the light that gives this young man the opportunity to be transparent and in harmony with his own identity and sexuality. To finally be complete and one with his own self.”

“My name is Cristóbal Fernández, I’m a Chilean film and digital photographer based in Santiago de Chile. I’ve always loved photography but I fell more in love with it when my grandpa gave me his old film camera, which is the one I used for this shoot, and found a whole new world of film photography that resonated so much with me and the way I see people and the world. Since then, I haven’t stopped shooting film and learned different artisan methods that coexist very well with film photography, like the Redscale method, which is also used for this shoot.”

Photography by Cristóbal Fernández / /
Instagram: @cristobal.fdez
Model is Tomás Abalo / Instagram: @abaloconbelarga
Hair and makeup by Cote Arriagada / Instagram: @_cotemakeupartis
Styled by Paloma Avendaño / Instagram: @s_ingular

Fashion Brands used are Singular Clothing and Jalisco.
Instagram name of each brand: @_singularclothing_ and @jaliscostgo,@alum__no x @vivi_buvi

Poem extracts used are from “La aurora” and “Noches del Amor insomnia” by Federico Garcia Lorca, and “Virgen de las Rocas” by Carlos Oliva Vega.