Le Petit Prince by Kim Sulki

A KALTBLUT EXCLUSIVE. Photographer Kim SulKi teamed up with model Leon and makeup artist Kim Youngmi to create this menswear editorial, Le Petit Prince. Kim SulKi wanted to show a picture of the world the little prince is travelling in. It only symbolizes the little prince who travels for himself.  “As an artist who is still in the beginning stage, I always feel uneasy. Anxiety about the future, uncertainty about the present, raises the question of whether photography should continue. I wanted to console such anxiety with pictures. I hoped that the little prince would comfort my picture as if he were travelling all over the world to comfort people.”


Photography & Illustration by Kim Sulki / Instagram: @kimsulki
Model is Leon / @leonhubiqq, Agency. @jmodelseoul
Make up Hair by Kim Youngmi / @zxrxmi

Fashion brands are
Dew E Dew E, Eyeeye, Bass, Timberland