Letters to a Young Man

A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial. Photography by Tugcan S Temizkan. The model is Zyare Griffin signed at BRI’GEID Mother Agency and Marilyn Agency. Creative Direction by Nilsu Ozturk. Styling by Savannah Avant.

The story behind Letters to a Young Man is:

The name is a reference to the famous book by Rilke, Letters to a Young Poet, which comes out of Rilke’s quest in life to answer the question: “How to live?” The shoot is a glimpse of a search for meaning in life as a young man — which we all go through regardless of gender. The search is reflected in his style, mood and the built environment surrounding him. His style is “tough yet flamboyant,” and his looks, which are extravagant, are in contrast with his grim attitude. He is experimenting, looking to find himself along the way. The shoot addresses boyhood and the existential phases we all go through.

Photography by Tugcan S Temizkan / www.tugcanstemizkan.com / Instagram: @tugcanstemizkan
The model is Zyare Griffin signed at BRI’GEID Mother Agency and Marilyn Agency /
Instagram: @__.zg.__
Creative Direction by Nilsu Ozturk / www.nilsuozturk.com / Instagram: @nilsuoztrk

Styling by Savannah Avant / www.savavant.com / Instagram: @slimsavvy

Styling Assistance by Jonathan Howe Instagram: @annul_void

Brands used are: Ganni, Leblanc Studios, Vintage Versace, Rick Owens, Maison Kitsune, Marlene Haase, Eytys, Youyang Li, Lilas Ferdi, Acne, Pipenco, Maisie Wilen, Adidas, Dion Lee, Anna Zhang, Frye, Luar, Martine Rose, Jill Sander, R13, Calvin Klein, TYT M8, Dr Martens

Instagram name of each brand: @ganni @leblancstudios @versace @rickowensonline @maisonkitsune @_marlene_haase @eytys @youyang_li_jessica @lilas.ferdi @acnestudios @pipencolorena @maisie_wilen @Adidas @dionlee @anna.z.ny @thefryecompany @luar @martine_rose @jilsander @r13 @calvinklein @tytm8 @drmartensofficial