Louisahhh & Maelstrom’s Top 5

Preparing for the release of their debut album Sustained Resistance on their own label RAAR, steadfast techno punks Maelstrom and Louisahhh join our Top 5 series. “
The concept of ‘Shouting Techno Anthems’ (or ‘techno anthems with shouting’), while perhaps ‘niche’, does really hit the intersection of our tastes and is the place we try to access in much of our work together,” explain the duo. “This collection of songs acts as sturdy mainstays in our DJ sets, reference points, inspirations, and tracks that ‘spark joy’ in our hearts. We hope that you’ll share our delight in this raucous playlist.”

1. Mu – Paris Hilton

“This iconic 2004 Maurice Fulton production has everything we collectively love: satire about millionaire socialites (the lyrics open with ‘I am richest party dumb girl’), bellowing and shrieking, stompy electro punk energy, instructions (‘shake your body body, move your body body!’). The irreverence and unhinged, joyful quality of this track is an inspiring reference point for our work together. IF we play this in a set, you know we are having a great time.”

2. The Horrorist – Hard Step Future Force

“The Horrorist, while being a somewhat controversial figure in the landscape of modern electronic music, cannot be faulted for his contribution to the realm of ‘techno with shouting’, and Hard Step Future Force is a diamond-cut example of this: wildly effective and a joy to release on dance floors like the kraken.”

3. Playgroup – Make it Happen (Louisahhh & Maelstrom Cover)

“We met early 2013 when Louisahhh moved to France. we spent the first week after her arrival working on an EP, and the following weekend, Maelstrom was playing at the infamous Social Club rue Montmartre in Paris. His set was a mix of electro and techno, but he also played lots of early 2000’s indie & electro clash tracks from Trevor Jackson’s Output label or DFA records, which also happened to be central to Louisahhh’s musical journey. Our mutual love for unconventional tracks and productions really helped cement our friendship and collaboration, and we even ended up recording a cover of Playgroup’s Make it Happen, one of the tracks that Maelstrom played that night”

4. Marc Acardipane – Pitch Hiker (Sissel & Peder Double Drop Mix)

“Maelstrom made his musical education in illegal raves and free parties in the late 1990s. At the time, Acardipane’s Pitch Hiker was THE ANTHEM. It was played every weekend by every DJ, in every single rave. This is just a kick drum clipping in a mixer with a couple of fx pedals, and it was probably recorded in one take as well – but it synthesizes an entire era, and its influence is central to how this album was recorded and produced (distortion as an expressive instrument). This Sissel & Peder mix is a great update of the original in a contemporary way, and we’ve played it in every set since it was released.”

5. Liaisons Dangereuses – Los Niños del Parque

“EBM is another important influence in our music, not just musically but also in terms of how we work together in the studio. This track is a constant reminder that what matters is the energy and the intent. Everything else is secondary. Making music is not about fancy gear and perfect recording conditions : making weird noises with a step sequencer and screaming into a microphone gets much better results than spending 2 weeks obsessing over vocal eq’s and compression ratios.”


Maelstrom & Louisahhh’s Sustained Resistance will be released February 10th, 2023 on RAAR