Loutre and The Earth Issue partner for Loutre’s re-launch of a capsule collection

Loutre re-launches its hallmark trousers with a capsule collection of entirely sustainable carpenter styles in a range of materials. The collection and imagery highlight eco-conscious and inclusive fashion by casting friends and family who represent different bodies and backgrounds to model the locally-sourced wares. Designs are made with biodegradable cotton and natural elasticated rubber waistbands that cater to the diversity of shapes and sizes that we see in our own communities.

www.instagram.com/loutre.co // www.instagram.com/theearthissue

Filtered through a soft ethereal lens, the hand-printed photographs are a visual appreciation of the importance of friendships and local green space. Photographer and The Earth Issue founder Elena Cremona drew from the transformative essence of the natural world – entangled branches, sculptural rock formations and flowing clouds are translated through the human form/seen in each pose. The editorial embodies the interpersonal and harmonious relationships between humans and nature, but most importantly the resilience of human connection; always finding a way through.

Agency – The Earth Issue
Production – The Earth Issue & Loutre
Photographer – Elena Cremona
Stylist – Isabelle Landicho
Copywriter – Emma Ranniger
Talent – Dani, Jasmine, Zuleha, Mariah, Maite, Malcom, Dipo, Ade
Commissioner & Clothing – Loutre