M-Band – German Video Premiere for ‘Ever Ending Never’

Thumping bass and distorted visuals, M-Band premieres his video with KALTBLUT for ‘Ever Ending Never’ . M-Band is Hörður Már Bjarnason, an Icelandic solo artist whose music combines beatdriven nu-electronica with heart-wrenching tenor vocals. The results have been described as atmospheric, captivating and dreamy.

Hörður’s debut LP, Haust (translation: Autumn), is a collection of eight tracks that exist in a twilit latenight space. Be it an empty freeway, a crowded dance floor, or a rooftop out under the stars, Haust presents a series of engrossing and affecting nocturnal atmospheres. The album is out now in the UK & GSA, guided by Projekta in collaboration with Nordic By Nature, and supported by Iceland Music Export.

“A hypnotic sound, gleaned from various corners of contemporary electronica, with songs built from minimal clicking rhythms, washes and whispers of ambient sound, haunting melodies, swells and crescendos” – Ja Ja Ja Music