Maddy O’Neal x MOONZz say it’s time for a change of pace in EDM

The face of EDM is changing irreversibly and in big strides, perhaps in a few years’ time it will be a whole new music scene, and it will definitely be for the better. What are we talking about? A huge influx of highly talented and uniquely inspired Femme EDM artists, DJs and Producers are beginning to take over the airwaves and streaming playlists in never before seen quantities; curators and event organizers aren’t just noticing this new turn of the tide, they’re also getting excited and beginning to give this new generation of artists the attention and platforms that they need to reach wider audiences.

One such producer is Denver-based Maddy O’Neal, who has spent the past 10 years DJing and playing the Drum pads across Colorado, carving out a space for herself with an impressive 90 shows per year average for the past 5 years alone. In this same year, Maddy made her debut set at Lollapalooza ’22 and even Forbes took notice.

Recently, Maddy enlisted the help of L.A.-based singer-songwriter and fellow CU Boulder alumni MOONZz collab in a brand new single titled “Change Of Pace”. An explosive and enthralling mix between Maddy’s “Dirty Funky Bass” and MOONZz’s euphoria-inducing vocals that will melt your ears off in the best possible way.

Join Us as we talk to these two fantastic artists in a joint interview regarding their fresh collab as well as their perspectives on the music scene and maybe a little more.

Maddy, you literally describe the “brand” of your music as ‘Dirty Funky Bass Music, but make it pretty.’- Listening to it I think it’s obvious why, but nonetheless I want to know what you personally mean by that.

I like to think of my music as more of a feel-good type of bass music. There’s a big spectrum of sound within that sector of the electronic world in general—some more aggressive darker stuff and then the more melodic, wavy vibes that I put out. I’m super inspired by funk and soul but it’s gotta have that down and dirty grime to it as well. At the end of the day, it’s gotta hit you in the feels in one way or another so that description was kind of what I arrived at anytime someone asked me what my music sounded like.

EDM/Bass *is* a pretty male-dominated space, but in recent years we’ve seen a steady increase in female DJs and producers across the board. I wanted to catch your perspective on that, as well as what you feel your “role” is in this sort of turn.

It has been so incredible to see the influx of all-female-identifying people in the industry for sure. When I started out, I really did not have many female mentors and could count on both hands the number of female producers I was aware of. It really feels like we’ve come a long way and make it apparent that we are out here and that it is important to lift each other up. I definitely feel that I have a big responsibility to help pass down knowledge to younger generations and to lead by example in all that I do to inspire more women to get into producing and DJing and all other aspects of the music industry. I taught an all-women music retreat to 50 women in Costa Rica back in 2020 and it was the coolest and most rewarding experience I’ve ever had.  Having someone to look up to and learn from the moves they make is a big factor in bridging the gap between an idea and reality. I try to be open and accessible as much as possible to anyone interested in reaching out. I definitely feel it is my duty.

Your 2nd album is coming up soon! What can you tell us about Ricochet?

Yes! I am so incredibly excited to share this 10-track LP with the world. I cover a lot of bases on this record. There are some bangers in there, some chillers, some cruisers, etc. I experimented a lot with tempos people may be used to from me with some halftime stuff and some disco tempos as well. The theme of the title “Ricochet” stemmed from this feeling of “returning to myself” vibe that I was experiencing. After the madness of the last couple of years, I really came out of the fog with this newfound sense of direction and vision that really came together on this record. It feels like the most “me” I’ve ever sounded, which is the coolest part about it. It’s got that classic funk and soul paired with this glitch and grime. It has some gnarly bass and future synth sound design alongside the organic, live instrumentation and vocal elements that I really love.

MOONZz, clue us in on how the two of you got to work together on this track.

I first heard Maddy’s collaboration “Zest Please” that she did with CloZee and instantly felt like our vibes would align. I was checking out her other music when we started chatting more on Instagram. It felt really easy to chat with her and we soon learned we both went to Colorado University- Boulder— Go BUFFS  As we chatted more, the idea behind the song became clear, and writing it came out pretty effortlessly.

How was the experience of fitting in with each other to make this track?

I feel like sonically we share a lot of the same production/songwriting choices and our music taste also overlaps a lot. So again, it felt really natural to meet each other where we were with this particular song! I would send melodic ideas back and forth with some gibberish and then after a couple of weeks, we had a banger. -MOONZz

What is at the heart of “Change Of Pace”? What does the song mean for each of you?

The song, to me, feels like a universal theme — when you feel yourself falling into a pattern of burnout or self-doubt, you know the signs of it. This song serves as my own reminder to take that necessary breath. To create that change of pace to take care of my mental health — to cultivate that environment I need and crave relaxation and calm.


How does MOONZz generally approach songwriting? Does anything about that process change when it comes to a joint effort like this one?

I usually start ideas while playing the piano and zoning out, without much expectation. Usually sounds like gibberish melodies and from a voice note. I decipher some cool parts and flesh it out from there. When working with someone, I’ve now gotten comfortable sharing the gibberish stage and we can then work at it collaboratively until we get it to a cool place that resonates!

Maddy, you’re early into your tour. How’s it feeling right now? any date/venue, in particular, you’re looking forwards to?

I’m really excited for all these festivals coming up— Lost Lands, SSBD, High Ground, Hulaween etc. Festivals really are an opportunity to showcase your music on another level while utilizing all the production on-site as well as the unique fan bases they bring together. I’m also really pumped to be in a position where I am going out and headlining more and more shows on my own. It’s cool to see the cities that I have grown in and be able to come back and be in charge of my vision for the show. Lots of those shows are still to be announced over the next couple of weeks.

What’s on the Horizon for MOONZz?

I have a full band show with Breaking Sound presented by LiveNation at the Peppermint Club in LA on Oct 22!

I have a collaboration coming out on Opiuo’s album And I have a few singles coming out before the end of the year before my EP DUALITY comes out at the beginning of next year!

The task of conceiving this song seemed like a very natural, glove-like fit, are there concrete plans yet to work together again in the future? perhaps with something more long-format-like?

Not sure if this question was meant for me or MOONZz, lol but I’ll definitely chime in and say that I would love to work together again. It’s always great when you meet people that just get it and your workflow and taste align so nicely. I’m all about building those relationships and keeping it rollin’!

Maddy O’Neal tour dates

9/23/22-9/25/22: Lost Lands Music Festival 2022 – Thornville, OH

9/29/22: Canopy Club – Urbana, IL

9/30/22: The Intersection – Grand Rapids, MI

10/1/22: Park West – Chicago, IL +

10/6/22: Doobs On South – Philadelphia, PA +

10/7/22: Photo City Music Hall – Rochester, NY #

10/8/22: Metronome – Burlington, VT

10/9/22: Evolutions Festival – Pattersonville, NY

10/14/22: The Elm – Bozeman, MT +

10/15/22: Wilma Theatre – Missoula, MT +

10/22/22: Salvage Station – Asheville, NC

10/27/22: : Hulaween – Live Oak, FL

10/28/22 – 10/29/22: Freaky Deaky – Baytown, TX

11/3/22: Telegram Ballroom – Los Angeles, CA*

11/4/22: Music Box – San Diego, CA*

11/5/22: Black Box – Charlotte, NC^

11/18/22: The Cornerstone – Berkeley, CA*

11/25/22: Terminal West – Atlanta, GA^

1/20/23: The Jamaica Incident 2023 – Runaway Bay, Jamaica

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