Male Renaissance

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Vlad Dobre. Styling by David Vesely. Hair by Roman Klammer. Makeup by Ece Sonck. Models are Iurii Suchak, Tom Gaeta, Fabian Klug, Leopold Linhart, Leo Himmelbauer, Godwin Merano, Christopher Kölbl, and Nino Gorbach.

Photography by Vlad Dobre / / Instagram: @vladdobre
Styling by David Vesely / Instagram: @davidvesely__
Hair by Roman Klammer / Instagram: @roman_klammer
Makeup by Ece Sonck / Instagram @ec.nur.ce

Models are Iurii Suchak signed at Addicted To Models / Instagram: @iurii_suchak
Tom Gaeta signed at Look Models / Instagram: @tom_gaeta
Fabian Klug signed at Addicted To Models / Instagram: @faviklug
Leopold Linhart signed at Stella Models / Instagram: @fvckallnewgangstas
Leo Himmelbauer signed at Body And Soul / Instagram: @leohimmelbauer
Godwin Merano / Instagram: @godwinmerano
Christopher Kölbl / Instagram: @chrismawuaschdt
Nino Gorbach / Instagram: @nino.gorbach

Brands used are David Vesely & no-name vintage pieces.