Man is a Rope

A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial. Photographer Gerardo Vizmanos captured Brin Schoellkop and Nicolas Allard – École Nationale de Cirque. Montreal – for us. These images are inspired by acrobatics as part of human condition. Acrobats base their work not only in effort and physical strength but also in trust. They trust that performing in an environment that questions gravity will be safe. The acrobat can only overcome the risk of failing by trusting in his own body, mind, and technique and also in his mate – who is never a rival. Acrobats is one of the best examples where competition is not to declare a winner but to incite each other and mutually hold themselves. The photos work with the notion that the exercise of the body and the efforts of the acrobats to improve their technique enhance an existential dimension of the subject. The images isolate the individuals in a timeless and spaceless environment where only their individual presence is possible. These images where taken in exclusively using analog format.  

Photographer Gerardo Vizmanos was born in Spain and after he was awarded with the International Talent Support to study at the SVA in 2012 he lives in NY. He combines his personal work with commissions in fashion. Vizmanos’s uses his visual language to address concepts surrounding the idea of the being. Gerardo Vizmanos likes to combine different analog formats on 35mm, medium format and Polaroid with digital format. He has published in different magazines and he has exhibited his work in Spain and New York.

Photography: Gerardo Vizmanos @gerardovizmanos

MODELS.: Brin Schoellkop and Nicolas Allard  (École Nationale de Cirque. Montreal)