Manifesto by Christophe Lambenne, Brendan Wixted and Jordan Aucella

A KALTBLUT exclusive beauty editorial and film. Manifesto is a tribute to Theo Van Doesburg, Otto Gustav Carlsund, Léon Arthur Tutundjan, Jean Hélion and Marcel Wants. In May 1930 they published a single issue of their own French-language magazine, “Revue Art Concrete”, positioning them as the more radical group of abstractionists. Photography by Brendan Wixted. Makeup and Hair by Christophe Lambenne. Video by Jordan Aucella.

Photography by Brendan Wixted / / Instagram @brendanwixtedphoto
Makeup and Hair by Christophe Lambenne / / Instagram @christophe_lambenne
Video by Jordan Aucella / / Instagram
Models are Pace signed at One Management / Instagram @pacebypace
Aleya signed at Wilhelmina / Instagram @aleyabyali
Kobe signed at One Management / Instagram @kobeisfire
Nikole signed at Muse Management NYC / Instagram @nikolebaly

“I’m Christophe Lambenne, I’m a French freelance Makeup Artist and Hairstylist currently based in New York City. After being involved in the fashion scene in Europe for more than 10 years, I moved to New York 4 years ago. I’ve been working for Elle Belgique, L’Officiel Ukraine, Hugo Boss, Status, Phosphenes, Vestal, Superior, KALTBLUT and more… “