Video Premiere: Mario Summers – SOLO

Solo is a love song that Mario Summers wrote to their last partner talking about the difficulties of loving someone healthily in a world full of ups and downs and insecurities, such as the LGBT+ world, and how important it is for us to reinforce our confidence by giving support instead of attacking each other.

The song comes along with a music video showing the whole concept through a gay relationship which makes love as much as war. Alongside the video there is a short movie in which Mario and their partner, portrayed by Ruben Tamarit, debate their insecurities and show their support for one another. This fight takes place on a personal level but also an artistic level, representing the duality of being a gay artist which makes it twice as difficult in a world lacking opportunities for queer musicians.

The video is directed and produced by A Nice Studio and features fashion designers Trashy QueenThe Khaos and Peter’s and makeup artists Laura BolañosCristina Cercós and Maricarmen Alacreu with a special appearance by Eduardo Jairycovich. Alongside the video and the short movie, Mario Summers has directed the Fashion editorial, Red & Black, together with the photographer Arantxa Signes and some of the cast of the video, wearing accessories by The Khaos and Peter’s.

Red & Black

The video is directed and produced by @anicestudio_
fashion designers are  @trashyqueenshop
@the_khaos_ and @peters_eu
makeup artists @laubp10
@makeup.cristinacercos and @mcalacreu with a special appearance by @eduardojairycovich .

Red & Black editorial

photographer Arantxa Signes @arantxasignesfotografia
accessories by @the_khaos_ and @peters_eu 
Starring @rubentamaritt