Marsèll x Julian 

Marsèll and Julian are celebrating their 20-year partnership through a special collaboration by creating a series of initiatives that will take place in Milano Marittima this Summer Marsèll, the original Italian accessories brand, has created for Julian, the multi-brand fashion reality, exclusive footwear produced in a limited edition.

The collaboration born around the model “Pollicione” will be available at the J11 space in Viale Matteotti, 11 – Milano Marittima. In addition, Marsèll will create inside the space and install temporary wild plants, the theme around which the concept of the Spring Summer collection was developed in 2022. There will also be original images from the “Spontaneum” exhibition, created by Dutch photographer Awoiska van der Molen in the home of the famous landscape architect Piet Oudolf and produced by Marsèll.

Marsèl was founded in 2001 as an expressive form to give birth to a new culture of making. The shoe is the object on which is based a line of research dedicated to overcoming the boundaries of tradition, adhering to the movement of counterculture based on deconstruction. An exercise in pure creativity that starts with drawing and then transforms skillfully into the ability to shape matter and create design accessories.

The goal is to create iconic objects and timeless, that converse with a person who does not need to be classified into a genre. Through a deep knowledge of quality raw materials, the ability to find the right balances in assembling distant components, and direct control of production,
Marsèll has established itself in the world for its excellence. The brand’s character and hallmark are given by its volumes and finishes – chiaroscuro, raw cuts, plays of matte and gloss – that are made in the in-house workshop. The adoption of innovative techniques and methods whose memory has been lost has the purpose of obtaining unique, non-series industrialized objects that are original and informal in appearance.

All artefacts are strictly handmade by women and men in the workshop