Match Made in Heaven: G-STAR and Walter Van Beirendonck’s Revolutionary Capsule Collection at Paris Fashion Week

We adore Walter Van Beirendonck’s latest venture. Yesterday, the avant-garde designer, who I had the honour of interviewing as my very first, showcased his Spring-Summer 2025 collection at Paris Fashion Week. This showstopper included a breathtaking experimental capsule collection created in collaboration with G-STAR. Held in the serene botanical garden of the Faculté de Pharmacie de Paris in Saint-Germain, the event highlighted the fusion of Van Beirendonck’s visionary craftsmanship with G-STAR’s denim mastery.

Denim with Balls

Walter Van Beirendonck’s genius meets G-STAR’s denim wizardry in their latest collaborative effort, aptly named ‘Denim with Balls.’ This unisex capsule collection, unveiled in selected stores worldwide in February 2025, stands at the cutting edge of denim innovation.

Van Beirendonck, given full creative reign, ventured into uncharted territories by using minimal stitching and exploring unconventional techniques like glueing and taping to construct the garments. The capsule is a 19-piece limited edition featuring bold, statement styles such as the Square Jeans, Wader Jeans, Embossed Pamflet Jeans, and Future Proof Jacket. Each piece hews to sustainable practices and is crafted with certified cradle-to-cradle fabric.

Adding a playful touch, the collection incorporates embossed dots, not just on denim, but also on 3D-knitted tops and sweaters adorned with Van Beirendonck’s iconic slogans ‘Future Proof’, ‘Wow’, and ‘Stitch Less’.

“I aimed to challenge and reimagine traditional methods. Why are clothes still being stitched when we have the potential to explore so many other techniques? This project is all about innovation, research, and pushing the conventions of fashion. It was great to be given total creative freedom by G-STAR.” – Walter Van Beirendonck

“Van Beirendonck is one of the most important fashion designers of our times. His unique vision, playfulness and extreme creative mind are why we decided to work with him. ‘Denim with Balls’ is a testament to our shared vision of challenging norms and redefining what denim can be.” – Gwenda van Vliet, CMO at G-STAR

Antwerp Avant-Garde
Walter Van Beirendonck’s reputation as a boundary-breaking designer precedes this capsule collection. A key member of the legendary Antwerp Six, Van Beirendonck’s designs are famous for their vibrant colours, graphic prints, and unconventional silhouettes that critique societal norms with a blend of humour and social commentary.

Beyond fashion, his multidisciplinary approach has led him to curate exhibitions, design costumes for the stage, and even create homeware collections, maintaining an ever-present dialogue between fashion, art, and culture. Van Beirendonck has a rich history of collaboration with notable figures and institutions, and served as the head of the fashion department at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp until 2022, mentoring future industry leaders.

The G-STAR x Walter Van Beirendonck capsule will launch globally in February 2025 through selected retailers.

Since 1989, G-STAR has dedicated itself to the cloth, the craft, and the culture of denim, carving out a unique identity as a progressive denim brand. With a global presence, particularly strong in the US, Europe, Japan, and South Africa, G-STAR’s commitment to creativity has spanned collaborations with luminaries across various fields.

This cooperation with Walter Van Beirendonck is a testament to G-STAR’s ethos of continuous innovation and the pursuit of redefining what denim can be, a perfect match indeed.