Meatchip Monthly Playlist

February was short and weird. The latter also counts for this playlist since Meatchip went intercontinental and was everywhere in between Berlin and Sri Lanka. There is a track by Hiroshi Yoshimura who is a pioneer of Japanese ambient music, Angel Bat Dawid contributes experimental jazz and Bolivian producer Elysia Crampton adds something out of this world. February consists of less hit potential but more digging deep into other genres. But don’t worry! As per usual we give you some Meatchip favourites like Chromatics whose album might never see the light of day, Boy Harsher, Cardi B (sorry but it’s catchy) and Spellling who we will obsess about all of 2019.

Meatchip is an eclectic monthly playlist started by the Berlin-based music and nacho appreciation collective of the same name and now curated solo by Marcia Arff.