Men through the Eyes of Kris Micallef

A focus on the work of photographer Kris Micallef. Born in 1988 in Malta, Kris began his career in photography through his fascination with beauty and the human form. Kris graduated in Architecture and Civil Engineering in 2011 after reading for his degree at the University of Malta. His architectural background influences his photographs – order, geometry, light and beauty are keywords synonymous with Kris’ photography.

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Kris excels in both fine art photography as well as commercial photography having a particular interest in the world of fashion. His works have been published in various magazines in Europe, the Middle East and also the United States. He’s also exhibited his works at Malta House, Brussels (2012), Kvartira 57, Kyev (2012), Hammam Al Ayn, Jerusalem (2013), Mahmoud Darwish Museum, Ramallah (2013), Salle Jean Despas, Saint-Tropez (2013) and Blitz, Valletta (2014).

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