KALTBLUT presents Metamorph. A new fashion editorial by Berlin-based fashion house Obectra. Photography by Sergey Skip. Model is Lisbeth E. Nygma. Hair by Absinthia Absolut. Direction by Blaž Čuk. Obectra will present a new fashion – art film – Metamorph on Berlin Fashion Week, September 2021. Date: 10.09.2021 Location: The Code, Köpenicker Str. 79, 10179 Berlin!


The sound of electric blue light. 

The smell of a white fire. 

The touch of a black whisper. 

The comfort of a purple breath. 

The collection of emotions, build for the transformation. 

A world with no genders, no identity, no rules and no hate. 

To love. To dare. To be. To transmute. 

Obectra is presenting a new artisanal collection of six looks  inspired by the metamorphosis. The magical transformation to your higher self. 

When fashion becomes all about fun again.  

Let’s play! 

Fashion: Obectra / / Instagram @studio_obectra
Photo: Sergey Skip / / Instagram @sergeyskip
Model: Lisbeth E. Nygma / Instagram @lisbeth.nygma
Hair: Absinthia Absolut / Instagram @absinthia_absolut
Direction: Blaž Čuk / Instagram @obectra_kid