Metta celebrates the resurgence of queerness

Justine Tran is the founder and creative director of Metta, a committed design project based in Paris. Offering unisex clothing and contemporary household items, Metta’s mission is to bring a new perception of the queer women’s movement and promote gender equality. “At Metta, we believe that fashion and design are part of today’s new paradigms of gender equality. Particularly in status and power, we want to open up the borders and change the impact of gender on people’s opportunities, social roles and interactions.” – Justine Tran.

The shooting took place at LGBTQIA+ friendly venue Château de la Haute Borde. With an amazing and inclusive team:

Photography by Céline Barrere and Cécile Simon / / Instagram: @celinebarrerebarrere @simoncecile_
Model is Flavia Deleu / Instagram: @flaviadeleu
Creative direction by Justine Tran / Instagram: @mastermaster__
Make-up by Christine Frame / Instagram: @christineframe
Set-design by Erin Korus / Instagram: @erinlotus
Style by Teresa Mereu / Instagram: @teresaem_
Flower design by Blumen Paris / Instagram: @blumen_paris
Location is Château de la Haute Borde / Instagram: @chateaudelahauteborde