Microsoft Surface Pro4 – #DoGreatThings

#MustHave and MustSee! Microsoft has asked artists to be creative with the new Surface Pro 4. And the result is amazing. At the #surface_deutschland Tumblr page you can see how a drawing by Andreas Preis turns into a poster which serves as inspiration for the fashion designer Lizzy. Accompanied and detained is the creative process of the Instagram artists @JN, @oh_hedwig and @spielkind.

If you are still not flashed by the new #SurfacePro4 you should check what photo specialist and Youtuber Benjamin Jaworski did with #Microsoft ´s new masterpiece. He created at the end of the project a campaign film which again gives us exclusive insights behind the scenes.

Jump over to Microsoft Surface Pro4  – #DoGreatThings Tumblr. During this project there are always profits for you – such as participation in a Model shooting, posters of Andreas Preis, exclusive skins for your #Surface and more!


TRex to wonderland. #SurfacePro4 @Surface_Deutschland #DoGreatThings #Microsoft [spon]


Ein von kerstin hiestermann (@spielkkind) gepostetes Video am

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