When Is the Perfect Time You Should Buy A New Violin?

If you’ve been playing the violin for quite some time now and you think your current violin has served you well so far, you may be wondering if you need to buy a new one. You may feel you have outgrown your violin or the size might not be befitting you well enough recently. 

Is the sound and playability as good as before? 

If you feel that the sound of your violin isn’t as good as before, it also affects the playability and your motivation to practice on longer sessions. Check if you’ll just be needing to replace the violin strings or the bow. And if the sound doesn’t fit in the way you want to hear it, it may be time to replace or upgrade into a new violin. 

Is your violin getting more brittle and vulnerable to cracks?

Violins are known to be delicate musical instruments, that’s why proper care and storage is necessary. But regardless of these, violins will eventually wear out and get more fragile especially if it is being used regularly. If it isn’t maintained and kept properly, its sound and playability will also be affected. 

Have you increased your experience level?

If you have enhanced your skill in playing the violin, it is also time to upgrade your instrument into an advanced model. You can make a self-assessment or ask your violin teacher if you need to move up to an intermediate or professional violin.

Guide in buying a new violin

1.Rent a violin first

If you still aren’t sure about the model that fits you, renting a violin is recommended. This will also help you differentiate a beginner violin to an upgraded one and will allow you to get familiar with it. Eventually, if you find the perfect violin that fits you and your expertise, you can buy a new violin.

2. Consider the experts’ recommendation

If you’ve been taking music lessons from the same coach, he or she can guide you to choose the right instrument for you as this person has witnessed your progress. You may also check for reviews online from professional violinists on Youtube. 

3. Visit your local music store

Set a time to visit your local music store and try out different instruments. Take note of each model and write down the pros and cons of each instrument. If possible, have other people listen to you while you play and ask for their opinions.

If you prefer to buy a second-hand instrument, consider checking its history. Also, make sure that it is in good working condition and you are getting the best value from it. 

If you have a passion for playing the violin and have been wanting to improve in your craft, investing in a new violin will be rewarding. Be patient in checking out the instruments and be sure to use all your knowledge and resources in choosing the perfect instrument for your growth.