Mirrored Alienations

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Mattia Holm. Creative direction by Kayla Wall, Davide Torchio and Diletta Fattori. Brands are Andrea Grossi, Bjork Firenze. 

“We are a group of young undergraduate Fashion Art Direction students at Polimoda, Firenze, in our third year. Coming from different backgrounds, Italian, Mexican and South African cultures are merged in order to create a unified vision and take on today’s society.

Mirrored Alienations

The concept of the editorial parts from Colette Louise, a South African plastic artist who as part of her main performance, created her funeral, changing her name, and witnessing the realization of her starting hypothesis, which said that people will believe anything they are told to believe by the media and the masses.

From this concept, we got the inspiration to create a series of images, featuring five models who interact between them. The interaction involves their naked bodies covered in clay, having the characters deforming each other’s identity with this material, being clay the most basic and raw material one can work and build upon with.

Four models interact around the main character who is wearing a Pope’s hat, symbolizing one of the strongest sources of influence there has ever been. These four characters are deforming their identity based on the influence of this main character.

The hat features a Virtual Reality Lens which symbolizes the simulacrum effect we are all emerged in.”

Creative direction by Kayla Wall / www.carrionwall.com / Instagram: @kaymcw
Davide Torchio / Instagram: @davidetorchiopolimoda
Diletta Fattori / Instagram: @sdidd
Photography by Mattia Holm / www.mattiaholm.com / Instagram: @mattiaholm
Styling by Diletta Fattori
Set Design by Kayla Wall
Models are
Evans Osaghae signed at Casting Firenze / Instagram: @evans_osaghae
Teresa Bellandi/ Instagram: @t.fortrouble
Gabriele Mocali/ Instagram: @gabrielemocali
Priscilla Melchionno/ Instagram: @pricilliamelchionno
Ginevra Contini/ Instagram: @gin_contini
Hair and makeup by Davide TorchioFashion

Brands are Andrea Grossi, Bjork Firenze.