[MIS]GUIDED by Cathrin Schulz

KALTBLUT presents [MIS]GUIDED – A collective creative project bringing together the young Berlin based T-shirt label MISGUIDED designed by Anna Schulz/Kyle Flamigni and the New York based emerging rapper Kyle Flamingni captured by the Cape Town based photographer Cathrin Schulz. 

The series are the visuals to the two singles “In My Feelings” and “Scene Girl” that were selected from a larger body of work to serve as formal introductions into the industry; inviting listeners to step into a space of resonance that will deepen with Kyle Flamigni’s upcoming release – DAYS IN THE EAST. This project is a 5 track EP that was produced independently in New York City and draws from Kyle’s multicultural upbringing; highlighting his journey from the East Coast of Africa to the East Coast of the United States, and the high’s and lows of this experience. 

Photography by Cathrin Schulz  / www.cathrinschulz.com / Instagram @cathrinschulz
Models are  Anna Marie Schulz / Instagram @annamarieschulz
Kyle Flamigni / Instagram @kyleflamigni
MUA Richard Wilkinson  /  Instagram @richardpaint