Mitcumi feat. Dakari : The hidden face of depression

Yolanda (aka Mitcumi) is an Illustrator based in Barcelona, Spain. “The hidden face of depression” is the result of her collaboration with an other artist, Dakari. This beautiful project is about trust.

Yolande_1_mini Yolande_2_mini

“The idea of this project came as a present from a friend who shared with me an inspirational video from a web page called: Dakari | Creando conciencia. Then for a split second, this video made me realize that emotion comes really strong when sharing things with others. I checked other videos in this Web and started wondering ‘How or if I could collaborate with my own work with’. I decided I had to try at least. So I bluntly wrote and email to Dakari.Org and surprisingly I’ve got an open reply for collaborating as YES. Sometimes it takes guts to trust others. This project springs out from the trust between 2 unknown people. I hope words, images and music reach others the same way they have reached me and prompt us to change somehow. So we can accept and reconciliate our differences in an effort of becoming REAL together again. Originally the text was provided by Dakari.Org -anonimous source- and I tried my best to interprete those words into images.”

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