Mixtape: Lady Tazz

Mind Medizin label head Lady Tazz joins our mixtape series after the release of sublime EP French Kiss that comes with a remix from underground legend James Ruskin. Lady Tazz is a Canadian-Bangladeshi outsider who aims to release your inner kink and tap into your erotic innocence with her DJ sets and productions. She runs her own party series, headlines clubs like E1 London, ://about blank in Berlin and Video Club in Bogota and has released her heady and hypnotic productions on Rekids’ offshoot RSPX. A provocative talent who is challenging cultural expectations, Lady Tazz is a new school techno leader who is in top form on this new EP.

I really enjoyed making this Podcast mix as I got to include some of my current favourite producers right now.

The superb ‘Dis Moi Ce Que Tu Veux’ (which translates as ‘tell me what you want’) drips with libidinous French vocals as the subliminal rhythms seep their way deep into your soul. The smart synth work brings texture and tension as the minimal drums roll on to make for a steamy yet impactful cut. The equally brilliant ‘Make Love’ is more dark and urgent, with pulling synths, edgy stabs and unrelenting drums that race forwards into a dark unknown future.

Remixer Ruskin heads up the iconic Blueprint label and is a UK techno great who has earned a global reputation. His fearsome sound is as unique today as it was decades ago as he proves with this new remix. His version of ‘Dis Moi Ce Que Tu Veux’ is in constant flux, with hammering drum patterns overlaid with sheet metal synths that warp and twist as the drums march on.


French Kiss is out now: https://lnk.to/MDZN012