ModaLisboa AND NOW WHAT?! Nuno Gama S/S 2022

Menswear designer Nuno Gama unveiled his new collection at ModaLisboa AND NOW WHAT?! Nuno Gama was born in Azeitão, and graduated in Fashion Design by Citex, in Porto. He began his collaboration with the textile industry very early on and began selling his collections in selected stores in Lisbon and Porto. In 1993, he launched his brand, which has since been presented at ModaLisboa – Lisboa Fashion Week. /

When I was born,
everything remained as it was,
Men didn’t slice off veins,
the Sun didn’t darken,
nor were there more Stars . . .
Having forgotten her woes,
my Mother smiled and was grateful.

When I was born,
there was nothing new
but me.

The clouds were not frightened,
no one went crazy . . .

So that this day could be enormous,
It was enough to have
all the tenderness that watched
from my Mother’s eyes . . .


“Going back to our roots, we found inspiration in the peaceful spirit of the immense Alentejo plain and in the transposition of some details that take us back to the authenticity of its essence. We changed the rules of life with the sole awareness of sustainability. Formalism remains impeccably untouchable, yet optional, in contrast with new, more relaxed trends which inspire freedom of movement. We turned the coat inside-out and got rid of pockets, assessing what it is that we really should take with us and what inheritance to leave behind.

We use materials that are certified from the source and supply chain, to the end consumer, by way of recycling, reuse, or by promoting national products. Tencel fabrics are used in juxtaposition with other natural and sustainable fibers, as well as with the national merino wool fabric. We walk towards a new line of footwear, with materials that are almost 100% certified as sustainable. Across the immense twilight blue sky, we invoke the compassion of Mother Earth over the tilled fields where we grew up, learning from the green nature how to tell right from wrong, separating the wheat and allowing the joyful scents of the rock rose flowers to fill our soul, thus remembering the power of simplicity.”