Menswear designer Fora de Jogo unveiled his new collection ModaLisboa AND NOW WHAT?! Continuing on the elementary study of identity, UNI-FORM is driven from Fora de Jogo’s (FDJ) own codes translating them into a new dimension in which the original essence and definition of uniform are rethought and rewritten. Focusing on the concepts of community, union and what means to belong to a certain group, with this capsule collection FDJ dives into an idea of what its uniform could potentially be. //

Reflecting on personal freedom, rebellion against the established system and the sense of self, FDJ continues on the pursuit of eradicating concepts such as toxic masculinity and fragile masculinity that are deeply rooted within our society and culture and directly linked to the world of football.

João Januário (Santarém, 1995) has a degree in Technical Fashion Design from Escola de Moda de Lisboa, and established his first contacts in the industry under Reality Studio and Litoral ateliers. 

2016 and 2017 mark the international experience at Études (Paris) and CMMN SWDN (London). Back in Portugal, he joined Alexandra Moura’s studio, and later in 2018, Marques’ Almeida as a Garment Technologist.

Today he works in multiple projects connected to the fashion industry and as well on his collaborative project Fora de Jogo, after being one of the winners of Sangue Novo Young Designers contest.