#MondayMood Mouse – ‘3 Weeks’

Everyone knows that feeling. You’ve spent the whole weekend telling yourself you’re over them. You drank your feelings numb on Friday, you spent the whole Saturday shopping with your bestie. Sunday, the mimosas flowed under the late autumn sunshine. But then the blues starting to creep in as the light faded. And now it’s Monday, you’re sat at your desk – phone in hand paused over Thursday night’s text message. Well lucky for you UK-based artist Mouse has the ultimate #MondayMood track to lighten the vibes and convince you to hit send. Not only that, with ‘3 Weeks’ she’s here to prove to all of us that love is the ultimate must-have accessory this season. So go on, why not take the plunge and bag yourself a snuggle buddy? Winter is coming – after all.

A well-known face on the Bristol music scene Mouse has been building and cultivating her sound from the eclectic influencers that surround her for a few years now. Her confidence and charm has attracted the attention another of KALTBLUT’s favourites – Dua Lipa, and she also featured on EDM-producer Anki’s recent single ‘Our Escape’. With her debut single ‘3 Weeks’ she combines a bright, fresh production that sets off her soulful vocal. And if this first track is anything to go by we’re predicting big things for this small yet mightly young artist.