Moonflight by Sanja Marusic

Introducing the latest photographic work of Sanja Marušić: Moonflight. The fashion short was inspired by the symbolic abstract forms and geometric shapes of the avant- gardist Triadic ballet. Sanja Marusic simplied bodily shapes by substituting them with cylinders and circles, she made her own costumes and then abstracted the human form even further by incorporating stylised dance movements by filming herself dancing. The result is a surrealist symbiosis of the human body moving through time and space.

Sanja Marušić graduated in 2013 with an honourable award. Ever since, her work has been received very well nationally as well as internationally. She was represented by Flatland Gallery and participated in the Unseen edition of 2013. She was featured in many great newspapers and magazines, including The New York Times. Recently, she had her own solo exhibition at Melkweg Expo in Amsterdam and she just published her first photo book of Collected Works.

For more information, you can have a look at her website: