Moonlight Jones’ hardcore synth-wave masterpiece “I Like The Way”

Last time we had Moonlight Jones on, he fascinated us with his Latin Rock-inspired banger ‘Watcha Doin’ to me’, a sophomore single release that showcased the master guitarist’s exuberant sound palette and his penchant for heady, heat-seeking songs about seduction and adventure presented through the lens of his unique and thoroughly personal style dubbed “Cosmic Soul”.

Born to an Egyptian father and an American mother of Czech heritage, MoonLight Jones’ introduction into the world of music was wide-ranging and has influenced his musical style ever since. Latin, Middle Eastern, and World music were always playing in MoonLight Jones’ household, as were Blues, Bluegrass, Asian, and Folk music. 

Jones has been hard at work and we’ve been paying close attention to his release schedule, and his third track is finally here. 

“I Like The Way” is yet another piece of the Cosmic Soul Puzzle that Jones is intent on revealing to us. The song follows themes of seduction and adventure once again, only this time it’s not Moonlight Jones doing the seducing, but it’s instead about falling victim to a drop-dead gorgeous gal, one described by the Miami-based singer as “a man-eater who gets whatever she wants, however, she wants it.” The song was once again created with the help of  Nino Valentino and Doug Emery, as well as the first-ever recorded backup vocals from the iconic director David Rousseau (Pitbull, Jay Sean, Afrojack).

Written about a mysterious woman who catches the eye of Moonlight and puts him in a trance, the single is centred around a captivating and darkly romantic narrative.

“I Like the Way” departs a little bit from his previous release in order to introduce us to a darker, neon-lit world of eerie synths and D&B/Jungle-like drums led by a threatening vocal introduction that sets the mood just right. The track really cranks up the synth-wave factor up a notch or three when compared to his previous songs, and the thumping, sweaty dynamism of it all makes this the perfect song to add to your late-night driving playlist.