Multiverse by Govii Cardinni

A KALTBLUT EXCLUSIVE. Giovanni Cardinni is a photographer and art director based in Barcelona, his speciality is visual poetry, fashion, and creating advertising pieces. For this series out of space, he teamed up with Stylist Apolonio Apokalipsy and model Joella Arkeus. Cardinni likes to break his picture’s reality because that’s the only way light can pass through, and anyways… Why does the universe bother to exist?

“If it is possible to travel through time, where are the tourists of the future?
Aredhel is an elf from the group of Noldor, daughter of Fingolfin and the youngest of her sisters.
She is also known as the cowgirl, passionate about multi universal astral trips which go further than our visual cosmic horizon.”


Art director & Photographer Govii Cardinni / / @govii_cardinni
Styling Apolonio Apokalipsy / @ap0l0ni0
Model Joella Arkeus @joella.a
Hair & make up @azul.prusia

Dior, Alexander Wang, Yohji Yamamoto, Balenciaga, Dolls kill, Inst Berlin ,
Viviannewestwood, Judith Casasus, Cougar collection, Marc Juan comunicación,
Aft-r Barcelona