Murder in Sorrento by Tatjana Ostojic

Tatjana Ostojic’s new limited-edition capsule-collection “Murder in Sorrento” signals a slight detour in the designer’s characteristic visual language. Instead of distinctive colour palettes, the new collection takes a turn back to the style of classic, dark elegance, with more minimalistic, forms.

More accent is given on the ornate details, such as the intricate custom embroideries in the three-colour panther head and the crescent-serpent-panther scenes, as well as the use of advance fabrics like “liquid metal” and reflecting “paparazzi” textures.

The collection’s main themes are passion and sensuality, opulence and greed, mystery and crime, based in a fictitious neo-noir movie, set in a small town in southern Italy. “Murder in Sorrento” is accompanied by a short high-powered video featuring clothes from the collection, produced by Tatjana Ostojic and cinematographer Mika Knezevic.

Cinematographer: Mika Knezevic @mikaphoto

Photo: Braca Nadezdic @braca_n

Models: Tijana Bakaj & Miroslava Blagojevic @tijanabakaj , @pixel.qt
Make up: Irena Miletic @irie_m

Hair: Djuka Ivanovic @djukaivanovic

Music Strahinja Beganovic HETEM @strahinja___b
Graphics & Illustrations: Ivana Zotovic @zota_zotovic

Art Direction: Tatjana Ostojic @ tatjana_ostojic , @tajci_alabama