My so called life at Berghain, just when you think you knew all about the club…

G-Spot! As a Berliner.. this is toooo funny! Clair Danes is at The ELLEN DeGeneres Show and talks about how Berlin, where she shot the new season of Homeland, changes everything! Her music taste and her hobbies. The new hobby of Claire Danes? Dancing to Techno at BERGHAIN the “Berghainian way” ! She got in “with the guy, who knows the owner” on a Sunday! Very Berlin of her. Ellen: “It’s open during the day??!!” “Daaaayyyys!!!” she explains. “I went there at a fetish weekend and all people were dressed in black or nothing at all!” Well, i guess Rayanne would be proud, while dancing naked and eating some icecream. Have a look here:

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  • Agnieszka says:

    This is exactly my thoughts before and after berghain! I thought techno was something like that, and then bergain changed everything for me! I love this place and will be back as soon as possible :)

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