New Era by Sasha Zheinova

A KALTBLUT exclusive. The model is Aivis Smans. Photography by Sasha Zheinova. Styling by Fodé Ka. Makeup and hair by Catherine Rostov. Brands are Colini, On Aura Tout Vu, Issey Miyake, Victoria Thomas, Yamina Couture, Delphine Charlotte Parmentier, Andrea Getti, Duren, MRs and MR, Natan Сouture, Nocturne.

The idea of the shoot is to explore the line between masculinity and feminity, where it lays and how it shifts changing our understanding of gender roles. As fashion is always connected with the social agenda and represents all its changes, I would have liked to not only look at masculinity’s transformation from the outside but also reflect on it through my photography. I find it essential because one of the greatest things this transformation could bring us is respect for all things that are considered unmasculine.

However, the new masculinity is not just about dresses and eyeliner, but also about fundamentally new topics and discussions. With this shoot, I wanted to ask myself and men the question: “Having rejected the guiding principles of toxic masculinity, how do you see a new different one?”

Fashion & lifestyle Paris based photographer Sasha Zheinova has been shooting for 7 years. Born in Ukraine she finishes her degree in law and meanwhile is starting to discover her love for photography and visual arts. Sasha has been photographing portraits, lifestyle stories, fashion and editorials since. She now focuses on fashion, commercial and editorial photography.

By carrying her camera everywhere and catching various stories of everyday life she is keeping a deep connection with the world. She finds her inspiration in travelling, cinematography, architecture and psychology. Sasha is a film photography lover.

She has been photographing for Cosmopolitan Ukraine, Elle Kazakhstan, Flanelle Magazine.

Photography by Sasha Zheinova / / Instagram: @sashazheinova
Styling by Fodé Ka / Instagram: @fode.ka
Fashion Assistant is Michelle Peloso / Instagram: @negrostrophere
Makeup and hair by Catherine Rostova / / Instagram: @catherine.rostova
Model is Aivis Smans / Instagram: @aivissmans
Shot in La Jussienne / / Instagram: @lajussienne