New springs of the flower of life

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Dawid Płaczek. The model is Dima. The assistant is Wojtek. Brands used are Sawary Jeans and Calvin Klein. “My story begins with seeing myself as an individual separated from the rest of society. A boy who lives in his own world, a boy who always rejected social customs, and relationships with peers, because inside he never identified with the “herd” and other similar instincts.”

“The idea of solitude and autonomy arose in my mind at a young age due to family realities, which I later believe played no small role in shaping me both mentally and physically. This anger, caused by the family situation at the time and the discrepancy with my desires, led me to the training room for the first time. As it turned out, lifting weights allowed me to clear my mind and encouraged me to work not only on my figure but also on my character. While others my age were partying, I worked with a bitter passion – to show everyone what I was worth and get to the top.

And so the third, difficult post-covid year has come – I’m getting ready for more away photo shoots. Endless planning, worrying and worrying about what’s to come, and suddenly something happens that ruins many people’s lives in the aftermath – war!

Destroyed plans are the least important effects of war. The ruined human psyche is the worst. At that moment, I wasn’t even thinking about the future. Each day of my life turned into a depressing race where the main goal was to reach the finish without going crazy from the excess of suffering screaming from all sides.

Over time, I realized that the war took away my most basic needs – purpose and possibility of development. Sometimes death isn’t scary at all; life without purpose, without motivation, without the taste of achievement or creating something beautiful is terrible. The thought that I could leave and continue my journey helped me escape a complete mental collapse.  I trust fate and fate is my older brother. I knew that sooner or later the path I should follow would be revealed to me, and I was not mistaken. Moving to Poland was extremely difficult for me, but the prospect of development and the opportunity to do what I love was worth it. My sense of life blossomed again.
Today I still water and care for this flower, I watch if new sprouts appear. Each of these sprouts is a new story of my life.”

Photography by Dawid Płaczek / / Instagram: @dawidplaczek_com
The model is Dima  / Instagram: @hidden_sence
Assistant is Wojtek /  Instagram: @wj.jacob

Brands used are Sawary Jeans and Calvin Klein
Instagram name of each brand: @sawaryjeans @calvinklein