News from the Art Week in Berlin: The 5th edition of BERLIN MASTERS

We are happy to announce that Carla Chan, one of the rising stars of the young Berlin art scene, has won the 5th edition of BERLIN MASTERS, the talent and funding platform for young artists in Berlin, and was presented with the TOY BERLIN MASTERS AWARD at the value of 10.000 euros. The award itself is part of the “TOY cap projects – do something that matters in memory of a loved one” and is dedicated to Monique and Max Burger’s son Yves Biggoer-Burger (1988-2011). It is the first time that the BERLIN MASTERS, initiated by art expert Matthias Arndt and which takes place annually during Berlin’s Art Week, is coupled with a monetary prize that gives young artists the opportunity to assert themselves.

Berlin Masters 2017 – Carla Chan
Berlin Masters 2017 – Carla Chan

The jury, composed of A-list names of the art world such as gallerist Johann König, publisher Uta Grosenick and artist Michael Sailstorfer, were impressed with the work of Carla Chan, her minimalist aesthetic and her capability of blurring the boundaries between reality and illusion.

Living and working in Berlin, as well as Hong Kong, Chan considers media art as a medium with endless possibilities of artistic expression. She works with a wide range of channels, from videos and installation to photography and interactive media and is particularly interested in the ambiguity of nature.

Carla Chan 2017,
(Blacken White, Carbon powder reacted with acetone, glued and printed on paper.)

In addition to Carla Chan, many other talented young artists participated this year:

Maximilian Arnold

Arnold uses a conceptional approach for his medium and produces compositions, whilst examining the history and opportunities of painting.

Maximilian Arnold (*Untitled (mk-2)*, 2017  Acrylic on Polyester Collage )


Wang’s works distinguish themselves from others through the use of different mediums, such as performances, site-specific installations, public art, video, photography and multimedia.

Isaac Chong Wai (The horizon where we can never touch, 2014  Video, 14 min 31 sec , Edition of 5)


Giachoustidis examines diverse forms of aesthetic and plays with a strong idea of beauty. He combines styles that disagree with each other, and describes his works as polycultural.

Paris Giachoustidis: When someone tries to hit you with a shuttlecock but your flag is there to protect you


Eisermann’s artistic expressions are manifested through paintings and sculptures. He analyses symbols of popular-cultural artefacts, as well as stereotypes.

Leon Eisermann, (The Lurking Fear, 2016 Oil on canvas)


For her art work, Lawson is inspired by everyday objects. After experimenting with them and hiding their initial functions, she gives these items a new significance.

Lindsay Lawson (SAD Lamp (Sweatpants), 2016 SAD Lamps Fabric, expanding foam, light bumbs)


In his photographic works, he occupies himself with modest backgrounds, which involve influences from technology and hip-hop culture.

Schmetterlinge, Nongfu Spring 2016

Berlin Masters is open every day apart from Sunday, until Wednesday, 20th September 2017, from 10:00 to 18:00.

Stiftung Brandenburger Tor – Max-Liebermann-Haus, Pariser Platz 7 – 10117 Berlin

To discover more about Berlin Masters, you can visit their website berlinmasters.com/2017.

Installation photos by Bernd Borchardt