Nicola Napoli x Naikee x KALTBLUT – CUTE TEES TO GRAB! 20 days Only!

Support trans* folks. In order to help Naikee with her surgeries fund, KALTBLUT Magazine teams up with artist Nicola Napoli and Everpress to create this artwork representing trans people feeling lovely in their bodies.

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Nicola Napoli is a visual artist and designer currently based in Berlin, Germany.

His illustrations are known for their pop vibe and bold playful language, often celebrating the diversity of the LGBTQAI+ community and the underground clubbing culture.

The artwork takes inspiration from the iconic painting by Eugene Delacroix of Marianne, the personification of liberty, equality, fraternity and reason in the years of the French Revolution. The same symbolic image is now used to pay a tribute to all trans* folks fighting for their recognition in nowadays society. 

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