Night Out in Palestine

A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial featuring fashion brand tRASHY CLOTHING. Photography by Siko Tatour. Styling by Sereen Khass and Reem Kawasmi. Models are Muhammad Toukhy, Sally Jubran, Hanna Hazzan and Nour Silbaq. tRASHY CLOTHING (founded by Shukri Lawrence in 2017) is a Palestinian brand that breaks stereotypes put upon the Middle East and provokes bigotry through fashion. By reclaiming the Arab and Palestinian Identity, Team tRASHY is trying to bring the Middle East to the forefront of mainstream pop culture. Team tRASHY consists of Shukri Lawrence, Omar Braika, Reem Kawasmi, Sereen Khass, and Luai Al-Shuaibi.

Photography by Siko Tatour / Instagram: @sikotatour

Modelling by Muhammad Toukhy / Instagram @m.touk / Sally Jubran / Instagram: @sallyjubran / Hanna Hazzan / Instagram @hazza_wizard / Nour Silbaq / Instagram @noursi__

Creative direction/Styling by Sereen Khass / Instagram: @sereenkhass / Reem Kawasmi / Instagram @vlowers

Trashy clothing first started off as an online social experiment in March of 2017. The social experiment was to raise awareness regarding Palestinian and Middle Eastern culture alongside the Arabic language and their ties to terrorism. Refugees and the unstable middle eastern region are other factors that the social experiment was conducted on. Due to the public interest, the brand launched as of July of the same year in which the concept is to take the refugee clothing that is perceived by the privileged as “trashy” and converting into fashion in aims of reclaiming the term itself. Old city markets and thrift shops are also inspirations for the brand’s designs. A value that the organisation holds is giving back to our society and fellow refugees. Thus, the organisation donates 15% of the profits made per item purchased, to Syrian and Palestinian refugee camps.