No one has ever bought me underwear

#OneToWatch: Maybe one of the most under appreciated garments in a mans wardrobe, KALTBLUT magazine introduces our five favourite independent underwear labels paving the way of creative design. Flamboyant and graphic Danny Miami, Fresh and fashionable Marco Marco, Colourful and luxurious Garçon Model, Unique and forward thinking Modus Vivendi and finally the Technical and chic D.Hedral. Photography Karl Slater, Grooming Jack Fitzpatrick, all modelled by Morgan Goodall from NEVS .

Danni Miami –


Marco Marco –


Garçon Model –


Modus Vivendi –

D.Hedral –

Team Credit

Photography: Karl Slater

Grooming: Jack Fitzpatrick using makeup from “Makeup Forever,” skin care  by “Clarins” and hair by “Bumbel and Bumbel”

Model: Morgan Goodall from NEVS

Creative: Karl Slater