(Candy Kid) Timsto


A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Milena Zara. Styling by Marianka Benesch. Model is Nataniel Klaus Schuster. Set Design by Lillian Ceben. Make Up + Hair by Haneen Ajub. The fashion editorial “Normcore” deals with the subject of belonging and the need to fit in.

“We chose clichée characters like goth, nerd, macho, sexy chic, candy kid and diva represented by Nataniel Klaus Schuster (non-binary) to underline that you can be anyone you chose to be, there is no limitation. We want to empower people to be themselves, no matter what.”

Shoes: Balenciaga
Outfit: Models Own
Coat: Kimberly Kleinecke
Headpiece: Alexandru Plescu
Belt: Perlensau
Chocker + Bra: Lui Trash
Shoes: Trippen
(Sexy Chick)
Outfit: Fräulein Kink
Jewelry: House of Danae
Steven Vanderyt
Burberry (Nightboutique)
Styling: Marianka Benesch www.instagram.com/mariankabenesch
Styling Assistant: Rafael Hinz
Set Design: Lillian Ceben www.instagram.com/lillianceben
Make Up + Hair: Haneen Ajub www.instagram.com/haneenajub
Photographer: Milena Zara  www.instagram.com/amkzara
Photo Assistant: Laura Stromp www.instagram.com/spacegirlfromspace
Photo Assistant: Charlotte Helwig www.instagram.com/charlottehelwig
Model: Nataniel Klaus Schuster www.instagram.com/naove