A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Artu Cardoza. Models are Kevin T and David Koosh. Styling by Leyre Sánchez and Sebastián Severiche. Hair and makeup by Elena Köhler. All clothes by Numen. A new project by the designer Sebastian Severiche, who graduated from the Fashion Design Institute, is immersed in the creating process of virtual reality collections and at the same time a non-fictional collection for the heterodox men of our time. 

noun: numen; plural noun: numina
1. the spirit or divine power presiding over a thing or place.

All fashion by IG @nnumenn
Photography by Artu Cardoza – IG @artucardoza
Styling by Leyre Sánchez and Sebastián Severiche – IG @leyresv / @cveriche
Hair and makeup by Elena Köhler – IG @elena_koehler_hairmakeup
Assistant JC – IG @juancpguerra
Models are Kevin T – No Toys Agency – IG @kevinterre_
David Koosh – IG @davidkoosh

Shoes by Calvin Klein and New Rock
Boots Earrings by Vivienne Westwood

Artu is a Guatemalan-Spanish Mexican-born, Düsseldorf based artist known for his artistic and photography work across different paths, practices and media. I like making things, thinking, creating imagery, listening to others, finding solutions to problems, making music, history, arranging spaces and aesthetics, designing, fashion and cinema, among other things. I believe and love colour, sound, geometry and my most precious work tool, the light. Therefore, I use all these creative tools, with only one aim: give to any project I work on, a unique personality and vision.