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#ModaLisboa! Our friend menswear designer Nuno Gama unveiled his new Spring/Summer 2019 – PORTUGAL & THE GRAIL in Lisbon at the Ancient Art Museum. This year marks 25th anniversary of Nuno Gama brand. In 1434, this tiny nation weded between the Atlantic and Iberia set sail on a marvelous migratory journey of tolerance wich would change the world forever.

“This is the legacy that we have wisely shared in order to expand our consciousness and praise life in all its splendor.

The oceans continue to be full of sea monsters but the human adventure keeps on going, and the space that “divides” us doesn’t boil down to our belly buttton, our street or city. Because despite our differrences, our gods or tragedies, we find ourselves more intertwined in a multidisciplinary rediscovery that speaks to the very heart of the human genesis.

This timeless renewal of tasting the world at our table should necer stop, because after that all we will have left are the bees.

The style has been created through the overlaying of multiple references wich have come from emmories of rtavles, concepts, shapes, details or materials, each of them more noble, more inteligent, but also as part of endless beauty of all that is handmade. Divided between a return to formal wardrobe and a more cool attitude in relation to self-comfort, re-creating new looks, without geograpich limitations and by beigns enriched from the endless experiences shared throught this time in the world.

With ckimate change, we now see the absolute return of shorts to the city, to our lives, in all garments and all attitudes.

We wake up to a peaceful dawn of fresh paired colors: grey, beige, khaki and blues, that with the arrival of the summer heat are filled with strengh and vigor contrasting with turquoise, petroleum and plum , all enhanced by yellow lemon. All this without losing sight of the objective praphics of black & white evidenced by the eternal beauty of chrysanthemum red.”  or

Photos: Ugo Camera