NY, Circus at night

“NYC, Circus at Night” is inspired by the eccentric, unique, and glamorous characters found in the day-to-day of New York City. I wanted to create a visual analogy and my own interpretation of the term concrete jungle which translated into bizarre scenario where all of the freaky people came out to play. In seeing the way I consider this to be a project in tribute to New York City, a place that has allowed me and other creatives to liberate and express themselves.”

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Sol Chocano. A Peruvian photographer and visual creative based in New York City. Her artwork portrays her imaginative perception of the world, creating surreal and otherworldly scenarios. Models are Maria Paz Saco Vertiz, Alina Bobrova, Jely Reategui. Make up by Sydnie Kalinofski. Styling by Diego Villagra. Hair by Timothy Kingsley.

Photography and Creative Direction by Sol Chocano / www.intistudio.net /
Instagram: @sol.inti.sol

Models are
Maria Paz Saco Vertiz / Instagram: @pazsacov
Alina Bobrova / Instagram: @greenscrewdriver
Jely Reategui / Instagram: @jelyreategui

Make up by Sydnie Kalinofski / Instagram: @sydniesfx
Styling by Diego Villagra / Instagram: @dievilmot
Hair by Timothy Kingsley / Instagram: @timothykingsley_
Assisting by Valeria Pezo / Instagram: @Valopezo

Brands used are:
Prada @prada / Vivien Westwood @vivienwestwood / Dana Foley @danafoleynyc / Jean Paul Gaultier @jeanpaulgaultier / Ugg @Ugg / Eckhaus Latta @eckhaus_latta