Obectra – A New Documentary

#AnInterview – Obectra is a Berlin-based fashion brand. Where darkness is converted into androgen sportswear, with great fit and selected materials. The brand is inspired by the BDSM culture and the capital’s famous nightlife. Obectra is a fashion statement in black. Josh Regitz talked to Blaž Čuk, the owner of Berlin-based fashion label Obectra, about the brands past, present and future.


They covered the topics about queer culture in Berlin, a fashion business and how important is to stay creative and being on top of your game.

Besides covering the fashion shows and creating short fashion films, they talked about the sex-positive movement in Berlin and how important it is to support it. Regitz created a short documentary with stunning imagery, supported by interesting conversation.

Production of the documentary: Josh Regitz www.instagram.com/joshregitz
Blaž Čuk www.instagram.com/studio_obectra

Films and shows – credits:

Dominance film:
Kevin www.instagram.com/kevkokiwi
Kate www.instagram.com/thereskate

Get naked with Obectra film
Model: Jessica www.instagram.com/jeszinlove

Rebirth film – campaign:
Video production: Lex.space www.instagram.com/lex.space
Music: Nicolas Bougaïeff www.instagram.com/nicolasbougaieff
Model: Das Fräulein Fuchs www.instagram.com/das.fraeulein.fuchs

Human film – campaign:
Music: Nicolas Bougaïeff www.instagram.com/nicolasbougaieff
Johnny www.instagram.com/thisisjohnnylicious
Fabiola www.instagram.com/flow.fabiola
Aljosa www.instagram.com/aljosa.aljosaq
Jenny www.instagram.com/_postmortemfairy_
Misha www.instagram.com/blaxze
Assistant: Nina Wiszniewski www.instagram.com/ninablck

Dawn film – campaign:
Model: Pierre Emö www.instagram.com/pierreemo
Directed by: Guilherme Caeiro www.instagram.com/caeiroguilherme
Music: Nicolas Bougaïeff www.instagram.com/nicolasbougaieff
Jonathan Bouyssou, www.instagram.com/jonathanbss
Manon Beretti Prenant www.instagram.com/moonshine.cha.747

Fashion Show “Eins”
Video: A-TV

Fashion Show ” Zwei”
Video: Zee Marla Osh www.instagram.com/zeemarlaosh
Music: SAMSN www.instagram.com/saemsoho

Fashion show “Decomposition”
Dancer: Andrea Gålad www.instagram.com/andreagalad
Video: Zee Marla Osh www.instagram.com/zeemarlaosh
Music: Nicolas Bougaïeff www.instagram.com/nicolasbougaieff

Fashion show”Dawn”
Video: Zee Marla Osh www.instagram.com/zeemarlaosh
Music: Nicolas Bougaïeff www.instagram.com/nicolasbougaieff

Music: Nicolas Bougaïeff www.instagram.com/nicolasbougaieff
SAMSN www.instagram.com/saemsoho

TB YO MW (with Tony Buck, Yuko Oshima, Mike Weis)
AB TB YO (with Alexandra Bellon, Tim Barnes, Yuko Oshima)

Madonna- Erotica (dirty F*ck MIX)