One To Watch: BLAQ ZINQ

KALTBLUT MAGAZINE Online exclusive! One to watch. With the fashion industry growing by the day! Headwear is to men what handbags are to women! New and exciting luxury headwear label BLAQ ZINQ plans to set the way in high class design for mens headwear that most other design labels overlook. In the build up to their launch. We meet the creative mind behind the band and find out wants in store for mens accessories in 2015.


KALTBLUT: Tell us a bit about BLAQ ZINQ.

BLAQ ZINQ: BLAQ ZINQ wanted to look closely at the details of headwear and recreate them in a better way and then push headwear further by always bringing fresh forward thinking designs. We felt it was important to honour the creative genius found in the different Arts, those that push the human race forward. Our hats are like the crown that sit on top of the mind, so we have named every hat after great philosophers, innovators, and remarkable artists who gave something incredible to the world and who we like to call “The Creative Minds”.


KALTBLUT: What’s your inspection behind your current collection?

BLAQ ZINQ: To produce a headwear brand that was like no other ever made, something that people would love, we  were inspired to be the headwear brand that was for the style focused individual. First collection was use of textures and embroidery,with the use of a predominant black colour throughout.

KALTBLUT: Who would you most like to see wearing your range?

BLAQ ZINQ: Obviously a lot of obvious cool, elegant, fashionable people like Pharrell Williams,J ustin Timberlake or Rihanna yes, but secretly someone like a Barack Obama or a Richard Branson would be cool, cause they would then instantly become cool-er. lol. or even the Artist “Banksy” first ever face reveal was with a BLAQ ZINQ hat.


KALTBLUT: Whats the best piece of advice you were ever given?

BLAQ ZINQ: It was 2 pieces of advice by different people but go together..
1 Do it with passion, or not at all.
2 Do something right the first time so you won’t have to go back to do it again.


KALTBLUT: Tell us about your journey that lead you to this point.

BLAQ ZINQ: Personally, I have been playing professional football for 17 seasons, I’ve lived a very eventful life living in 6 different countries across the world so my experiences ignite my creative mind.

KALTBLUT: Whats the best thing about running BLAQ ZINQ?

BLAQ ZINQ: I think it’s everyday, working on what we are passionate about.

KALTBLUT: Why did you decide to start BLAQ ZINQ?

BLAQ ZINQ: It was because no one else was doing what we are doing.I was always looking for hats that had style and quality and there wasn’t a lot out there, so it was natural to look into creating it myself.


KALTBLUT: Who’s your favourite fashion icon?

BLAQ ZINQ: Tom ford is brilliant, sharp and elegant, but I think someone like Michael Jackson was incredible in his style.


KALTBLUT: What do you do in your free time?

BLAQ ZINQ: Everything is so busy in my life so can be hard to do simple things so i enjoy doing the simple things when I can. I also enjoy a nice restaurant,my fave is Asian fusion.i Iove travelling too and It’s not uncommon for me to be on a plane 2/3 times a month. One day I could be in America and next day be in Canada or UK.

KALTBLUT: What does the Future hold for BLAQ ZINQ?

BLAQ ZINQ: We are working on some amazing things but we can’t really talk about yet, all I can say is you will see collaborations and even more originality. We are very excited about the great ideas we are working on.



Photography: Karl Slater
Interview: Karl Slater